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Team Mentality Tutoring in a One-on-One Setting.

The Outcomes Advantage 

The Outcomes approach is an individualized learning platform in a one-on-one, multi-sensory environment that yields students who understand their strengths and have strategies to meet their challenges with confidence.

For More Information About Services,

Call 917-697-8246.

Customized Tailored Tutoring for Standardized Test Preparation

  • ELA Test
  • ERB Test
  • ISEE Test
  • PARCC Test

Student Age Qualifications:

Ages 5 and up

Outcomes Students Can Expect:

  • A learning approach tailored to their strengths and needs
  • A relationship of trust and mutual respect with their tutor
  • To be encouraged to take risks
  • To become active participants in their own learning
  • To create their own learning goals
  • To have their questions taken seriously

Outcomes Parents Can Expect:

  • Clear communication about your child’s strengths and challenges
  • Communication with your child’s teachers to ensure that tutoring sessions support your child’s classroom experience
  • Monthly meetings to update you on your child’s progress
  • Strategies to support and encourage your child’s learning at home

What We Do

Outcomes offers a variety of educational services:

  • Development of organizational skills
  • Enrichment for the gifted and talented
  • Parent workshops and training
  • Support and strategies for students in reading, mathematics, writing, and social studies
  • Test preparation
  • Strategies using Orton -Gillingham


  • Payment is non-refundable and a 24-hour notice is required for cancellation
  • Payment may be made using cash or check
  • Payment must be made in full the day of the session


Regina will work with children in a number of settings:

  • At school
  • At the library
  • In your home

For more information about Outcomes, please contact us by calling 917-697-8246 or sending an email to

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